Eyelash Extensions Removal

Quite naturally, most women adore having as fabulous and beautiful a face as possible. In addition to lipstick, foundation, blush, eye powder and mascara, one of the most beguilingly feminine things a woman can do to her face is to lengthen her lashes. The hottest new trend to this end is professional eyelash extensions.

Eyelash extensions removal

Were talking about scientifically-tested, opthalmologist-proven eyelash extensions that are applied with the highest quality, medical grade adhesive bond. This is the healthiest and safest way to go for women who desire that lavishly long and delectable eyelash length. These eyelash extensions run a broad gamout of color palettes, sizes and textures. For the safest and most professional results, they should only be applied by a certified, trained lash artist, who will most likely be a licensed cosmetologist, aesthetician or a beautician highly trained and experienced with this procedure. The typical process takes under an hour, even though it can be a tedious lash-by-lash process. Cost ranges between $100-$300 for a full set of even the longest, most fully curled eyelash extensions.

If applied properly, your eyelash extensions can last up to two months. You can also be allowed to apply mascara as long as you dont sroke it on too heavily. These extensions are incredibly lightweight and the best grade are completely devoid of any carbonate, silicone or glycol. The styles range from distinct and steeply curled to subtle, glamorous and upscale, or trendy and natural.

Eyelash extensions

Its very important to make sure that your professional lash expert has been certified by only the most reputable lash extension training companies to their highest, maximum standards. The product labels will inform you that the strong adhesives are not hazardous to either the eyes, the skin, to swallowing or to inhalation. You dont have to worry about how to remove them since that is a simple 1-2-3 step process. You simply steam your face above a hot bowl of water for five minutes to loosen up the lash adhesive/glue. Then you take a small cotton ball and dip it in bowl of olive oil. Then gently run it over your eyelash area. Youll see that the adhesive will quickly and easily dissolve. You may want to remove your extensions if youre going to engage in strenuous athletics for a time or be taking a vacation from your daily grind. They can easily be applied again in short intervals with no affect on safety or durability.

If, for any reason, you experience difficulty in removing your eyelash extensions with the aforementioned technique, you should not force it. You should either immediately revisit your cosmetologist or aesthtician for their assistance, or you may be able to get help by scheduling a visit to your optometrist or opthalmologist and following his advice. But over 95% of the time, invariably, youll be able to easily remove your eyelash extensions with the steam and olive oil approach.

Eyelash extensions removal

Many women have commented that they find themselves getting hooked with these extensions. They find the look and the feel so captivating and alluring that they admit theyd never go back to applying the old fashioned false lashes with plain Jane mascara ever again. Its truly an overwhelming sensation of satisfaction vis-a-vis the incredible, ultimate fashion statement a woman can make with professional eyelash extensions. The look is beyond compare. Its visually so striking, so enticing, that the compliments youll receive from others will just pour in. A professional set of extensions will boost your self-esteem knowing you truly look the very best you can possibly be. Its wise to prepare before going in to have your extensions applied for the first time. Take a shower and wash your face well. You can apply your regular make up if you wish but dont overdo it since the cosmetologist applying your extensions will want to first get an overall picture of the texture and geometry of your facial structure in order to best recommend the preferred styles and looks. Its suggested you comb your hair exactly as you normally would so, again, the aesthetician can glance over your total look to get the most optimal picture of which lash extensions will suit you best. Most of all, go into the appointment relaxed and confident that they will be applied in a safe, professional manner with excellent results.


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