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Welcome to the future! Before now, we resolved ourselves to being unhappy with inadequate eyelashes. We accepted being frustrated by the need for mascara, as a permanent situation. Our choices were limited to applying traditional false eyelashes or for those with more urgent needs and far more money to invest, surgical implants. Surgical eyelash implants require painful skin grafting, involving the use of anesthetics and can only be performed by a licensed Surgeon, a risky procedure, involving a significant margin for error. One of the latest and most exciting innovations in the beauty industry is the introduction of false eyelash extensions. Innovations in the beauty industry are not as fast paced as in the technological universe, most products and application procedures require an investment in time, testing and the technicians ability to perfect an application technique that ensures maximum performance of the product.

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Eyelash extensions in Pensacola

Eyelash extensions are offered in natural or synthetic materials for clients who wish to eliminate the use of synthetics of any kind. Unlike traditional false eyelashes that are bonded to the skin of the eyelid, eyelash extensions are applied at the base of each individual lash, with little or no contact with the skin. While traditional false eyelashes do offer individual eyelashes for the consumer, anyone who has ever used them knows that applying them can be time consuming and somewhat obvious at best, extremely difficult, tedious and entirely temporary at worst!! Eyelash extensions can last up to 100 days with scheduled maintenance. Traditional false eyelashes are very stiff and heavy on the eyelid, requiring the wearer to adjust to the feel of them on their eyes. Traditional false eyelashes come in two shades, brown or black and depending upon the style of makeup, are usually fairly obvious even if skillfully applied.

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Eyelash extensions are made to resemble our own lashes, weightless and flexible. Eyelash extensions are available in a variety of shades and lengths, allowing for a more natural look and feel. Traditional false eyelashes allow the use of mascara, however anyone with experience knows its a tricky process. Eyelash extensions are available in shades that appear natural, however most are enhanced, eliminating the need to use mascara if you choose. They are completely waterproof, sweat proof and crimp resistant. Eyelash extensions are also available in fashion forward colors, violet and blue. They should be applied only by a licensed Cosmetologist with the appropriate training and necessary experience. The application requires manual dexterity and practiced precision. Technicians need to be dedicated to providing a sterilized environment and follow appropriate measures to ensure that the implements used are free from bacteria. Applications from a skilled technician can take upwards of 90 minutes.

Eyelash extensions are painstakingly attached to each lash, at its base, using a patented polypeptide polymer adhesive that is non irritating and hypo-allergenic, as well as completely waterproof and sweatproof. For clients that have more sensitive eyes, a special medical grade adhesive is available to ensure lashes do not cause discomfort or irritation (synthetic lashes are recommended for more sensitive eyes). A qualified technician will be able to guide you in selecting the length and color that is most appropriate for your individual needs. The better and more experienced your technician is, the more natural and longer lasting the application. Eyelashes will naturally fall out and replace themselves over the daily course of time, so naturally the extension will go with the lash its attached to when it goes.

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It is far more cost effective for the long term user to maintain their extensions than to wait until they require attention (i.e safe removal or naturally outgrown or missing lashes). The cost of eyelash extensions on average ranges from $250.00 to $500.00, routine touch-ups average $25.00-$45.00, largely depending upon the salon and qualifications of the licensed technician. If you are a Cancer survivor looking for alternatives to invasive procedures, if you are planning your wedding and wish to enhance and accent your eyes without using traditional clumpy waterproof mascara, or maybe your life is a dynamic, fast paced whirlwind and you are looking for freedom from your make-up ritual, this is an innovation created just for you! Do your research! This is not a procedure that a beauty college or assembly line style salon is qualified to perform, so it would be wiser to avoid bargain shopping for this service.

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